RAI-1 and 2 Training (17th-18th July 2018)

Remanlay Acureflex integration (R.A.I) is a method combined from acupuncture and primitive reflex integration concepts. Based on clinical evidences, it shows that acupuncture treatment supports the integration of primitive reflexes, especially for special need children. R.A.I uses touches and massages instead of needles, combined with breathing techniques, to bring integration.

R.A.I® is a development of Kinesiology, which uses acupuncture points to integrate parts of human brain as well as primitive reflexes. Unintegrated human’s primitive reflexes (caused by unnatural birth process, growth and development disorder, brain injury including post stroke, and psychology or past trauma) lead to focus or concentration disturbance, emotional disturbance, even physical complains and difficulties in communicating effectively with others.

In RAI ® Clinical workshop, you will feel the working process of RAI® technique yourself if you have several problems, such as:

  • Body posture disorder (Scoliosis, hunched back, etc.)
  • Body pain
  • Memory, focus and concentration disturbance
  • Body movement disturbance
  • Stress and physical fatigue
  • Children with special needs, such as autism, ADHD, ADD, etc.