Neck and Shoulder Pain Release, What a Blessing Day.

Neck and shoulder pain release

          Two days ago I felt pain in my posterior neck, it felt like some part of my neck bone hit my neck nerve. It was unpleasant experience, everything I did gone wrong. I wondered what was the cause, was it my slept position? Or how I carry my bag? Whatever it was, what bother me was the result, pain. 

          Then I remembered one of my favourite Touch for Health technique, reactive muscle, simple yet effective. While I accompanied my wife for sightseeing in the shop, I was scanning using muscle testing, and aha! I found the bullier muscles, they were posterior neck muscle and right upper trapezius muscle, whom affect or bullied my anterior neck muscles, I sedated them and strengthen my anterior neck muscles, and yes finally I released from the pain, and enjoyed my day with my wife, I always amaze with Touch for Health, it is simple, easy to do everywhere, anytime and yet effective.